Sunday, November 7, 2010

paris is burning

"I'ts about being a star, being who ever you want to be for this one night. I came, I saw, I conquered- that's the ball."
"If everyone did less drugs and went to the balls it'd be a fun world"
"An evening bag is a must, you have to carry something- no lady is sure at night."
"To be able to blend: that's what realness is."
"Voguing is like taking two knives and cutting each other but through a dance form"


Hannaliis said...

ooo kui lahe, kas see on mingi film eks. nii nii cool!

miss logue said...

woow. creepy

Anne Marie said...

järgmine must-see film

lüs said... siit saab vaadata, üks parimaid valikuid vist, aga siis peab see divx player olema(mul on, üsna kasulik asi tegelikult)