Wednesday, August 18, 2010

resort 2011 review

As I've finally flipped through some collections I have to say resorts' collections almost never have anything special to offer. (I haven't viewed ALL collections and I'm only commenting on the ones that left an impression)
Chloe was pretty as usual, Alexander McQueen apparently misses the genial head designer because the pieces I saw were far from his unpredictable visions.
Chanel...amazed me but, not in a good way. There were 3-4 pieces I liked but mostly I couldn't stop wondering how did such weird(quite ugly in my opinion) things end up on Chanel's runway. Sorry, Lagerfeld, I'm a bit dissapointed.
Jean Paul Gaultier definitely didn't hold himself back with the resort collection as there were beautiful girly coloured evening gowns, reminded me of Barbie princesses actually.

Herve Leger made an impression, simple cuts but those "bandage" bodycon dresses and fringes charmed me.

I loved-loved-loved the cosmic explosions on the Christopher Kane's fabrics. The orange-red palettes didn't really work as well as colder colours but, the overall impression was marvellous.

Marc Jacobs's light pastels and elegant/girly Not my style exactly but one just has to love these:

One thing that also needs mentioning are the Chloë Sevigny for O.C. shoes. (didn't have time to cut the pics so you'll have to see the whole outfits)

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