Thursday, August 12, 2010

closet update

Almost a week ago I went to the flea market with Carolin and Kätliin. Got some pretty things, yet not as many as I would've liked.
Denim dress. Can't even tell it's resized from the back, right?
A bit Chanel-ish knitted jacket
this leotard can be worn everywhere-to training or to the city
This green...thing is nothing special, looks good apired with short jeans
I just love this gorgeous floral pattern dress. Doesn't look that lovely on the picture though

Beside that, I've been shopping a lot at the local mall lately. In my case a lot means that I've been there twice during this week and bought something each time.
Found a cute large stripy tunic dress. Barely cost anything
I did need some basic denim jeans, found them.
My new schoolbag from Charles & Keith
My sister bought this absolutely gorgeous feathered hairclip.
Note: She's only 7 and has more money than me :D

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Hannaliis said...

wow, see floral dress ja siis kõik kõik kõik. nii lahe. ja lahe et sa charles and keith'ist koti said!!