Sunday, July 18, 2010

pack up my closet

So, today I'll finally start packing up my stuff for the summer training camp at Karepa starting on Tuesday. This 10day event makes me face a clothing dilemma- take, or not to take. Usually I've started packing almost a week before leaving but this time I've only been left with a couple of hours so hopefully I'll be quick enough. There's just too much stuff I want to take and I can't think of a suitcase big enough for all of that. I mean seriously- why on earth can't I take my whole closet.
All right, enough of the whining.
Yesterday I had a trip to Helsinki, Finland with my family. That meant waking up truly early in the morning and returning home at half past twelve a.m.
First stop there was IKEA, oh god, I could've had died there.
Then we finally reached the Itäkeskus where me and my mom went shopping and dad entertained my sister. Not a very long shopping tour yet my feet were killing me at the end of it.
My finds:

simple flower patterned tunic-dress (H&M)

studded biker shorts (Gina Tricot)
simple black tricot dress (H&M)
light blue miniskirt (H&M)
striped minidress (H&M)
It just started raining so, I guess I'll have fun searching for, ironing and packing my clothes.

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Anne Marie said...

lahe,et sa soomes käisid; see helesinine seelik on nii niii fabulous, love it