Saturday, July 3, 2010

oh summer joy

I think summer has difinitely softened up my style, I'm now using more and more light colours, pastels have became natural to me.
Just taking my Friday relatives-get-together-outfit for example. I digged out an old PINK dress from the darkest corners of my closet and wore a turban, embellished with a feathered brooch. The turban combination definitely shocked my family. Just to mention- figuring out how to make a turban from a simple scarf was a pain in the ass but turned out to be very simple.

After letting my sister take photos of me for, we had a quite fail mini-photoshoot on the field.

But current news: I went swimming today...finally. And- me and Annu visisted the Balti jaam market, found some hidiously cheap pretty clothes. Posting pictures of the purchases tomorrow.


Anne Marie said...

isver susver kui kena turbani sa tegid, nii kade :D, kusjuures sa näed selle turbani ja roosa kleidiga vägagi Carrie moodi välja

lüs said...

oo, ma tänan sind:))