Sunday, July 4, 2010

new stuff

So, photos of my yesterday buyings.

snakeskin print open back swimsuit/bodysuit 10 EEK (0,6 €), short jeans 25 EEK (1,6 €)

black swimsuit/bodysuit 10 EEK (0,6 €)

open back swimsuit/body(coolest fabric) 10 EEK (0,6 €)

round "Elton John" sunglasses 30 EEK (1,9 €)

platform shoes (they're just a few mm's too small for me but I don't care) 120 EEK (7,7 €)

white bag 20 EEK (1,3 €)

I think that's it for now, next week is the flea market so hopefully I'll get some new finds there.


Hannaliis said...

OO, need kingad on nii ilusad!!! ja mulle meeldib see body kus on top top top kirjas!!
mul on vist sellest materjalist ka trikoo + kleit!?!

lüs said...

võib küll olla, see kangas on nii veidralt cool