Friday, July 30, 2010

mystic mooses

All right, I'm back home. And despite the endless trainings throughout those camp days and the final delirium of our group I still would have liked just 5 more days at Karepa, in the middle of nowhere.
Basically everyone's mental condition was questionable by the end of day 4 and stories of man-eating mooses started spreading. Yes, completely normal. I stepped
on my big toe while dancing waltz so now I'm the "9-toed" uncut diamond(received the uncut diamond title at the pageant).
As for now I'm posting some pics taken at the camp. Hopefully there's more to come soon.

Right after arriving at the camp

Rebel a la Dirty Dancing
Oh training-training-training + Carolin's fierce After-Sex-Towel
evening show
an evening chillout

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