Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the "gypsy" thing

In summer, waking up early in the morning is much rougher than ever, seriously. Today, getting out of bed took me 2 hours with my alarm clock constantly ringing.
After handing in my application to school, I had some spare time before the bus came so I visited the Balti jaam's market. Scored a weird see-through summer-poncho kind of thing, I reaaly don't know how to name it, anyways, I'm kinda loving it.

Later went to the beach just to find out that I'm a complete scut- didn't even try to go swimming. Although, yes, I was told that the water was sos cold that you could just dip in and run out. Anyhow, I just paddled in the warm shallow water. If the warm weather continues, I'll be seen swimming in the sea next week.

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Hannaliis said...

yeeeei, ilus asjandus!!!