Wednesday, June 30, 2010

retro bike

All right, today I woke up really early and my dad had a lovely task waiting for me. Yeap, I had to paint some details of like huge boxes/benches white and well, it didn't work out very well as I had a couple of screw-ups along the way.
Next thing I went to see a retro bike. I was really excited at first but as I heard that it was bright orange I freaked out. But, it's not that bad at all. Although, the green stickers need some work, I'll probably remove them soon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the "gypsy" thing

In summer, waking up early in the morning is much rougher than ever, seriously. Today, getting out of bed took me 2 hours with my alarm clock constantly ringing.
After handing in my application to school, I had some spare time before the bus came so I visited the Balti jaam's market. Scored a weird see-through summer-poncho kind of thing, I reaaly don't know how to name it, anyways, I'm kinda loving it.

Later went to the beach just to find out that I'm a complete scut- didn't even try to go swimming. Although, yes, I was told that the water was sos cold that you could just dip in and run out. Anyhow, I just paddled in the warm shallow water. If the warm weather continues, I'll be seen swimming in the sea next week.

we'll see

So, i'm starting my first very own public blog which features my everyday life and activities. So...pretty much fashion (outfits and current wants/must-haves)and lots of stories of my friends.
Anyways, today we got together at a super-cosy cafeteria in the Old Town of Tallinn, I finally got to wear the fringed crop-top/blouse Hannaliis made me for my 16th birthday. Take a look!